Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your ticketing and box office questions? Right here.

1. How can I volunteer at Reel Asian?
Reel Asian is always looking for committed, enthusiastic, energetic and friendly volunteers to help out. In the lead-up to and during the festival, we need people to help with special events, mailings, tickets, act as ushers, etc. Volunteering with Reel Asian is a great way to meet others who are interested in film and Asian culture and get a closer look into the production of a community-based film and video festival. To learn more about volunteering, please visit our volunteer opportunities section or contact

2. How can I volunteer for a Special Committee?
Reel Asian is also looking for volunteers who can share their expertise and skills by joining special interest committees. Special committee members should have a demonstrated interest in the area and/or previous experience in a relevant field.  All committee members participate as volunteers, and will be asked to attend a brief interview prior to joining.  Calls for committee members are sent out in our bi-monthly eNewsletters.

  • Programming Committee volunteers are dedicated to supporting the selection of films and videos presented at the annual festival. The primary role of the Programming Committee is to consider submission from the annual open call for entries, to provide feedback to the Artistic Director on the final selection, and give general input on special curated programs.
  • Special Events Committee volunteers are responsible for planning, organizing and implementing Reel Asian special events. The Committee will bring creative input in the design of events, as well as provide important logistical support to the Operations Manager and staff.
  • Marketing Committee volunteers are an integral part in creating public awareness and attracting audiences to attend the festival. The Committee will work closely with the Marketing Committee Chair and Director of Marketing to develop and implement marketing strategies for the festival.
  • Education Committee volunteers will provide strategic advice and outreach for Reel Asian’s Youth programs, annual festival Industry Series, and year-round Industry events.

To learn more about volunteering please visit our volunteer opportunities section or contact

3.  How do I join the Board?
Reel Asian looks for community and industry leaders who are interested in advancing the mandate of Canada’s largest Pan-Asian international film festival. Reel Asian welcomes enthusiastic Board candidates who have an interest in Asian film and previous experience in any of the following areas: corporate development, board governance, finance, marketing, events management, community partnerships, programming and film distribution. All interested Board candidates can submit their CV to the Chair of the Board of Directors at Learn more about the current Board of Directors and Advisory.

4.  Do I have to be Asian to work/volunteer at Reel Asian?
No!  We hire the best candidate for the position based on your skills and experience. Cultural and linguistic skills and knowledge of the Asian arts community can be assets, but these considerations are more relevant for some positions than others.

5.  How do you choose the films you show at the festival?
The Programming Committee meets regularly with the Artistic Director to review all submissions and curated films and makes decisions together.

6. Can I get a copy of a film I saw at Reel Asian on DVD?
Not all films that are screened at Reel Asian are available on DVD. Some films will get Canadian distribution, and be available in theatres, on DVD, or on-demand. In many cases, however, the films shown at Reel Asian will not be distributed in Canada so the festival screening is often the only time the film will be shown in Toronto.

7. How can I submit a film to the festival?
Look out for the annual Call for Submissions (in the Spring) on the Reel Asian website, or in our Enewsletter (subscribe now and be the first to know!)