Fish Story

An offbeat comedy that shows how one song from a band with five members saved the world from the foretold 2012 destruction. Japanese director Yoshihiro Nakamura did a great job of bouncing around years and leaving little hints to how […]

Yang Yang

Confusion, competition, jealousy, rivalry, and finding oneself: all the ingredients for a coming-of-age story. In addition to the usual adolescent hurdles one faces, our lead character Yang Yang is faced with a new stepfather who doubles as her track coach, […]

Agrarian Utopia

A beautifully shot portrait of two farming families struggling to survive in rural Thailand. The visual imagery was simply stunning with some sequences like art. Through the cinematography, an authentic and intimate sense of both the families and nature was […]

So You Think You Can Pitch?

On this latest recent sunny Saturday morning (Nov 14), filmmakers of varying experiences packed themselves into a dark auditorium for the opportunity to pitch their film ideas in front of an eager audience and panel of jurors. Informative for the […]

Auteurship with Yang Ik-June

Tonight’s closing presentation, Breathless, marks the directorial debut of Korea’s Yang Ik-June, whose credits on this film also include lead actor and writer. In anticipation of the screening, the multi-talented man gave a talk entitled Auteurship on Saturday (Nov 14). […]