Everything & Everyone

Reel Asian alumni, Ian Tang had his Toronto premiere of Everything & Everyone last night. Bittersweet Complexity replaces the words behind the BC abbreviation of British Columbia, where Everything & Everyone was filmed.  Opening on an eventful afternoon Rose & William snatch […]

Cake Ache

I’ve had a little time to digest the blue icing, so just before the festival lights up the projector bulb in Richmond Hill, here’s the last slice of happenings from Day Six at the festival downtown. Sunday’s are normally reserved […]

Lost for Words

I’m still finding the words to express the awesomeness of the final day at the downtown festival but in honour of Muybridge’s Strings (Les Cordes de Muybridge) winning the NFB Best Canadian Film Award here are some animated highlights from the festival this […]

Jump and Shout

Sounding a little like a new Indiana Jones Adventure –  Lost Secrets of the Royal opened at the home of Reel Asian, 401 Richmond, in the A Space Gallery.  The exhibition was a rebirth for old salvaged film prints that Colin […]

Sweet Twilight Highlights

Day two of the festival let me sample the sensation of a little opening night nerves, although on a smaller scale. My heart fluttered a little faster as I hosted Reel Asian’s Industry series panel on Social Media  Strategy for Film […]

Heart Heat Happenings – Lover’s Discourse

The Isabel  Bader could have quite possibly hovered, if not lifted a little off the ground with the high spirits of the crowd, special guests and some helium filled birthday balloons as opening night finally took flight. A few extra peddles down […]