Sons of Ram – movie review

Check out what our Marketing volunteer Ramla has to say about Sons of Ram, screening at the Rung Festival on Sunday, June 1st at 10:30am. ___________________________________________________________ If your 7- year olds are fighting, because they are just two very different […]

What to Watch at the 16th Reel Asian Film Festival?

I know trying to navigate a festival’s programme can be intimidating and it’s easier if someone can recommend you flicks based on specific preferences. Our staff members give their take on what films to choose based on different criteria. GALAS […]

Film Review: Tai Chi Zero

Martial arts meets steampunk in Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi Zero, a love letter of sorts to all things martial arts, film, and pop culture.  Tai Chi Zero is a pop-art take and the first half of a story on the […]

Film Review: Love In The Buff

Words could not express my excitement when I found out that Love In The Buff, the sequel of director/writer Pang Ho-cheung’s 2010 realistic romantic comedy Love In A Puff, would be released simultaneously in North America. As a huge fan […]

Everything & Everyone

Reel Asian alumni, Ian Tang had his Toronto premiere of Everything & Everyone last night. Bittersweet Complexity replaces the words behind the BC abbreviation of British Columbia, where Everything & Everyone was filmed.  Opening on an eventful afternoon Rose & William snatch […]