Brown Globe: Kristina Lee Podesva

| Various Venues

brown globe installation
Curated by Johnson Ngo

At 15 feet high, Brown Globe (2007) by Kristina Lee Podesva is a playful, inflatable monument in the shape of the world. With a diameter of 12 feet, the vinyl sculpture overwhelms the viewer through its expand- able mass, yet its transitory nature as inflatable and deflatable alludes to the plasticity of identity, triggering thoughts of globalization. Its brown pigment is created from a mélange of all colours to draw a metaphor on universality and inclusion.

Kristina Lee Podesva is an artist, writer, educator and editor, at Fillip Magazine. Participating in exhibitions internationally, she has shown her work at Artspeak, Border Gallery, Darling Foundry, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Tate Modern, Dorsky Gallery, and the Power Plant. Her artwork has been published in books including Nonsite, Secret Publicity, and The F Word. She is also co-editor of the publica- tions Institutions by Artists: Volume 1, 100% Vancouver and the forthcoming Tradition versus Modernity. She currently teaches in the Curatorial Practice and Masters programs at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and Emily Carr University of Arts + Design.

Johnson Ngo is a Toronto-based artist and curator. He has shown his work at Nuit Blanche, Blackwood Gallery, SPARK Contemporary Art Space, Hart House, Toronto Free Gallery/7a*11d, Mississauga Living Arts Centre, and the University of Toronto Art Centre. He is currently the Curator-in-Residence at the Blackwood Gallery.

Brown Globe is presented as part of the exhibition: Red, Green, Blue ≠ White

September 18–December 1, 2013 | Curated by Johnson Ngo | Presented by Blackwood Gallery | Kaneff Centre, UTM, 3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga

Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, White: all colours used to describe people, somewhat contentiously, of culturally diverse backgrounds. Coined by Alice Walker, colourism, or discrimination based on skin colour, is the impetus to examine the relationship between race and colour. Red, Green, Blue ≠ White investigates this fraught territory through the formal considerations of colour offered by colour theory. Artists: Golboo Amani & Manolo Lugo, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Aryen Hoekstra, Brendan Fernandes, Kika Nicolela, Jude Norris, and Kristina Lee Podesva