Cha Cha for Twins

| Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

Taiwan 2012 Rated PG 101:00 Mandarin w/ English Subtitles

Adolescence is about defining one’s self and identity. Most struggle through it, finding ways to try on different identities, be it goth, jock, or drama geek, until one sticks. Imagine how hard it would be to feel like an individual when people fail to differentiate between you and your twin sibling!

Poni and Mini do everything together: they go to the same school, get good grades, and play on the basketball team. But Poni, in typical teenage fashion, starts to feel angst about being so inextricably linked to her identical sister, and how it stands in her way of her individual identity. What was once convenient and even advantageous had become a burden, especially once they each catch the attention of two very different boys: the debate team captain and the school’s resident knuckle head, who can’t tell Poni and Mini apart.

Cha Cha For Twins extends the recent tradition of a new Taiwanese cinema that favours accessible entertainment and that includes films that have appeared at Reel Asian like Au Revoir Taipei (Reel Asian 2010) and Jump Ashin! (Reel Asian 2011). Despite the commonality of multiples in the film landscape (Octomom, Jon & Kate Plus 8 or the Doublemint twins) the rarity of twins informs our cultural fascination with them. Cha Cha For Twins continues the theme of twins-induced mayhem in films like The Parent Trap (1961, 1998). But Writer and co- Director Yang Yi-Chien, an award-winning novelist who based the film on her own experiences with a twin sibling, reaches into the emotional side of relationships between twin siblings and other people in this story about growing up while not forgetting who is important to you.