Cold Steel

| The Royal

China, Hong Kong 2011 Rated 18A 101:00 Mandarin w/ English Subtitles

Attention action film fans! David Wu, longtime collaborator of John Woo and editor of classics like A Better Tomorrow and Hard Boiled, presents Cold Steel, a Chinese war epic, after 17 years of directing TV series in North America. Bomb blasting Cold Steel is packed with suspense and choreographed with jaw-dropping action sequences. While the Shaw Brothers classics are infamous for their “lost-in-translation” subtitles, director Wu, who also penned the screenplay in Chinese, opted to work on the entire subtitling process and has included fun-filled North American slang and wise-cracks in the translated dialogue. For the first time, North American audience can finally laugh with, and not laugh at the subtitles!

American-born, Canadian-raised and Taiwanese-based singer/actor (and OCAD graduate) Peter Ho excels in the lead role as the coming-of-age hunter-turned-sniper Lianfeng, torn between his duty and honour under the guidance of his mentor, Mengzi (Tony Leung Ka Fai), and the irresistible widow with heart of gold Yan (Song Jia), who teaches Lianfeng about love and heartbreak. Wu employed a fluid editing technique optimizing the pace to showcase Lianfeng’s struggle, leading the audience through his personal journey of life-threatening crisis as well as life-altering commitments. Highly-strung, awesome visual effects are balanced by romantic illustrations swathed in a soul-stirring soundtrack to evoke the perfect blend of tragedy and fantasy against the cruel backdrop of war.