Confession of Murder

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Confession Of Murder film still
South Korea 2012 Rated 18A 119:00 Korean with English subtitles Toronto Premiere

Fifteen years ago, a serial killer terrorized the nation by taking the lives of 10 women. Now that the statute of limitation has expired on the murders he committed, Lee Du-seok (played by popular TV drama star Park Si-hoo) reveals himself as the killer by publishing an autobiography describing each of the murders in detail. The handsome, well-spoken Lee seeks forgiveness under the media’s watchful eye, earning him a cult following of adoring fans and instant celebrity status.

Lieutenant Choi (Jeong Jae-yeong) was left both physically and psychologically scarred after he failed to capture the killer. Obsessed with exacting justice, he struggles to prove that he is not simply a washed-up cop. Meanwhile, the victims’ family members grow increasingly impatient with the lack of answers and secretly decide to take matters into their own hands.

Director Jeong went to the renowned Seoul Action school, and it shows. Despite the film’s simple premise, based on a legal loophole, it delivers dynamite over-the-top and uptempo action scenes.

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