Journey from the Fall

| Innis Town Hall

Thailand, USA 2006 135:00 English and Vietnamese with English subtitles Toronto Premiere

Inspired by the mass exodus of millions of boat peoplein the wake of war-torn Vietnam, Journey from the Fall is an epic tale about one family’s struggle for freedom. Choosing to stay in Vietnam and fight for his beloved country, Long Nguyen could be separated from his family forever.  As his wife, son and mother reluctantly leave on a tiny fishing boat bound for America, the city of Saigon falls under communist rule. Long is imprisoned in a series of re-education camps, where he endures the turmoil and deep despair in confinement. Overwhelmed by violence, betrayal and guilt, the family’s only chance of survival lies in loyal friendship—and hope.

April 30th, 2005, marked the 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. Many films of the Vietnam War have since been produced, but Journey from the Fall is the first dramatic feature made from a Vietnamese-American perspective.  In this remarkable endeavour, after three years of research, Tran skilfully recreates the thirty-year span of political fall out.  Looking back at the incredible struggles of the Vietnamese people, he powerfully uncovers the human spirit and brings their history to life with sensitivity and grace.