Jump Ashin!

| The Royal

Taiwan 2011 Rated PG 128:00 Hoklo/Mandarin with English subtitles Canadian Premiere

From the director of the box office hit Jump! Boys (2005), Lin Yu-hsien, comes a genre-fusing motivational sports movie inspired by the life story of his gymnast brother. Starring Canadian pop idol Eddie Peng and Lawrence Ko, Lin’s new movie is a drama with humour and action, with scenes reminiscent of the playful 1980s movies starring Jackie Chan.

Ashin is a young gymnast whose life has revolved around training since he was a boy growing up in the small town of Yilan. His mother doubts that his involvement in the sport will amount to anything, so she takes him off the team to allow him to focus on the family business. Disheartened, Ashin gives up gymnastics and starts to hang out with the wrong crowd. He and his best friend, Pickle, quickly become the most sought-after troublemakers in town as the former gymnast successfully uses his high-bar skills for gang fighting. However, things take a turn for the worse when Pickle becomes addicted to drugs; and when the two clash with the son of a local kingpin, they are forced to flee to Taipei.

When life in the big city turns tragic, Ashin returns home, determined to re-enter the world of gymnastics no matter what obstacles await him.

Jump Ashin! features an outstanding cast including Eddie Peng, who underwent 12 hours of training a day for three months to be able to show the intensity of a gymnast, and Lawrence Ko, whose fascinating portrayal of Ashin’s best friend Pickle won him the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Taipei Film Festival this year.

– Heather Keung