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Linsanity film still
USA 2013 Rated G 88:00 English, Mandarin with English subtitles Toronto Premiere

In 2010, director Evan Jackson Leong approached a relatively unknown Harvard University Taiwanese American basketball player seeking to document his life on film. Little did he know that Jeremy Lin would experience a meteoric rise to athletic stardom.

By 2012, Lin had created an unexpected public frenzy—garnering the moniker “Linsanity” after scoring more points in his first five starts for the New York Knicks than any other player, before joining the Houston Rockets as a free agent. Prior to this now-legendary ascent, Lin had faced major adversity at every turn in his career, almost quitting his NBA dream when he wasn’t drafted, despite a standout season at Harvard.

Featuring rare home footage and interviews with Lin’s family and friends, Linsanity is more than just a film for sports fanatics. It’s a story of how race is perceived in the media and an inspirational account of how a strong work ethic and devotion to faith and family are what counts amid fan hysteria and fame.