Redress Remix

| NFB Cinema

Rated PG

Redress Remix

Dir. Lesley Loksi Chan *| Canada 2010 | 66:00

Redress Remix tackles one of the most controversial Canadian government decisions of our time: the official 2006 apology to the Chinese Canadian community for the Head Tax of 1885 and Exclusion Act of 1923. The documentary uses a unique approach that includes animation techniques, newly composed music and testimonial interviews to reveal to audiences the events that shaped the Redress movement and led to the official apology and its influence on a new generation of Chinese Canadians. Interviews with activists, historians, writers, filmmakers, Chinese Canadian soldiers, and individuals who experienced the Head Tax and Exclusion Act firsthand present varying opinions on the decision, revealing how generations of communities have yet to overcome the division. This documentary offers a new take on a complicated history while also addressing the historical account and its omission from Canadian history books.

The project signifies a starting point for dialogue and also includes an interactive online forum at Ultimately, without the input of future generations, this discussion will simply become history.

Lesley Loksi Chan is a director and multimedia artist using animation, stop-motion, puppetry and live action. She was Reel Asian’s Canadian Spotlight artist in 2007. Redress Remix is her feature-length directorial debut


Good Morning! Good Night!

Dir. Teresa Chun-Wen Cheng *| Canada 2010 | 8:50

Many, many miles away from home, Teresa struggles with the distance and love between her and her parents.

Teresa Chun-Wen Cheng has spent half her life in Taiwan and half in Canada. She is the creator of the magazines Dykes & Their Hair and Upskirt: Dirty (Un)feminist Secrets.

Kim, J-SeeingThrough_2col

Seeing Through the Spider’s Web

Dir. Jane Kim *| Canada 2009 | 17:00

Through interviews, documentary sequences, archival images and a range of experimental techniques, Kim explores the effect of migration on family relations, faulty memories and eyesight.

Jane Kim has worked for many film festivals in Toronto, including Hot Docs, Reel Asian and Images. She has shown her short work around the world. She recently completed her Master’s at York University.

Marker 1 from 'Asians Don't Sing the Blues'

Asians Don’t Sing The Blues

Dir. Janice Lee, Kathryn Lennon *| Canada 2010 | 10:28

A spoken word performance celebrating Asian Heritage Month in Canada asks the question, “What does Asian Heritage really mean?”

Janice Lee is a graduate of English at Wilfrid Laurier and Kathryn Lennon is a graduate of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo. Both are Canadian-born.