ReOrientations: A Retrospective on the Works of Richard Fung

to Tuesday October 29 | Various Venues

Rex VS Singh film still

The two-day spotlight on Richard Fung offers viewers the opportunity to revisit some of his most influential work, and includes talks by visiting scholars and a roundtable discussion that addresses some of the key themes Fung has tackled in the last 30 years. It is certainly a timely opportunity to continue these discussions about representation and freedom of cultural expression through media arts in an increasingly global context. Over his career as an artist, activist, and academic, Fung has made a substantial impact on the discourse around politics and art in Canada. There is no doubt that the media arts landscape would not be what it is without him. Recent international events show how the voices of filmmakers continue to be aggressively silenced, and are an alarming reminder of the fragility of freedom of expression, highlighting the importance of hearing Fung speak about his work today. Orientations (1985) was groundbreaking documentary that gave voice to queer Asians for the first time on screen, and features interviews with 14 lesbians and gay men who speak about sexuality, activism, and cultural expression in the context of a predominantly white gay community. From his very first work, which he describes as an “educational tool,” we see that Fung’s sensitive style does not oversimplify his subjects or limit their contradictions. This acknowl- edgement of how the individual’s identity is shaped by a spectrum of influences is fundamental to understanding the human experience. Sea in the Blood (2000) is a moving personal documentary about living with illness. It profiles Fung’s sister Nan, who struggled with a fatal hereditary blood disease, and his life partner, Tim, who lives with HIV/AIDS. Sea in the Blood could be described as one of Richard’s most moving and personal videos, a beautifully crafted, dreamlike essay that seamlessly melds together historical footage and medical documents with home movies and poetic interpretation. In Rex vs. Singh (2008), Fung and his collaborators Ali Kazimi and John Greyson deconstruct a court transcript from 1915, part of a 20-year period where an inordinate number of men tried for sodomy in Vancouver were Sikhs. Staging scenes from a trial four different ways, first as a period drama, second as a documentary investigation of the case, third as a musical, and fourth as a deconstruction of text, the video reveals not only a history of systemic homophobia and racism in Canada, but also how one moment in time can be explored and interpreted from a wide range of angles. – HK

October 24–29

Richard Fung Art Exhibition | OCADU Gallery | 49 McCaul Street | 416 977 6000 | Free Admission Jehad in Motion 2007 Landscapes 2008

Friday, October 25

Screening | 4:00pm–6:30 pm | Innis Town Hall | Free Admission Orientations 1985 | 56:00 School Fag 1998 | 16:35 | dir. Richard Fung and Tim McCaskell Screening | 7:30pm–8:50 pm | Innis Town Hall | Free Admission My Mother’s Place 1990 | 49:00 Sea in the Blood 2000 | 26:00 Islands 2002 | 9:00

Saturday, October 26

Screening | 2:15pm–3:15 pm | Innis Town Hall | Free Admission Dirty Laundry 1996 | 30:30 Rex vs. Singh 2008 | 29:25 | dir. Ali Kazimi, John Greyson, Richard Fung Roundtable | 3:30pm–5:30 pm | Innis Town Hall | Free Admission Kass Banning – Lecturer in Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto Roland Sintos Coloma – Associate Professor of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education, OISE, University of Toronto Ramabai Espinet – Sessional Lecturer of Caribbean Studies, University of Toronto; writer and critic Lisa Lowe – Professor of English and American Studies, Tufts University Monika Kin Gagnon – Professor and Interim Chair of Communications Studies, Concordia University Chair: Rinaldo Walcott – Associate Professor Humanities, Social Sciences, and Social Justice Education, OISE, University of Toronto Screening | 7:00pm–9:00 pm | Bloor Hot Docs Cinema 506 Bloor Street West | 416 637 3123 Dal Puri Diaspora 2012 | 80:00 Remarks by Takashi Fujitani, Dr. David Chu Professor and Director in Asia Pacific Studies, Asian Institute, University of Toronto Q&A with Richard Fung, moderated by Takashi Fujitani Tickets: $11. Buy tickets at