Ripples of Desire

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Ripples of Desire film still
Taiwan 2012 Rated 18A 122:00 Mandarin with English subtitles Canadian Premiere

In Ming Dynasty 17th-century Taiwan, Drift Island is a lawless paradise that is home to a community of social outcasts, protected by Master Hai (Simon Yam) and his loyal crew of rebels. Twin sisters White Snow and White Frost (Michelle Chen and Ivy Chen), are held in the highest regard as the most beautiful and talented performing courtesans in the region. However, their existence is precarious as they hide a grisly secret that is resurfacing by the day. While one sister dreams of true love and freedom, the other conspires to plan an escape. A series of tragic and fatal events result.

Ripples of Desire is the biggest period drama to emerge from Taiwan in recent history, and features an all-star cast. In her most ambitious film to date, Chou maintains a special sympathy for those who exist on society’s margins, while working her distinctive style that freely shifts between realism and fantasy.