Surrogate Valentine

| The Royal

USA 2011 Rated PG 75:00 English Toronto Premiere

Goh Nakamura makes his acting debut—playing himself—as a San Francisco musician in this sweet romantic comedy. Goh’s life of solitude is disrupted when he is hired to teach TV actor Danny Turner (Chadd Stoops) how to play guitar for an upcoming film. Hell-bent on accurately portraying Goh’s mellow vibe for his role, Danny meticulously studies Goh’s every move. Together, the two embark on a hilarious West Coast adventure involving live gigs, groupies, shotgun-wielding record execs, and an unexpected friendship. Along the way, Goh discovers that Danny may be the missing puzzle piece in his lifelong chase for Rachel (Lynn Chen), the one who got away.

Director Dave Boyle’s previous films, such as White on Rice starring Hiroshi Watanabe, have been written specifically with the lead actor in mind and have been based on his experiences meeting them. Dave first met Goh Nakamura in 2009 and instantly knew that Goh’s music, quiet charisma, and effortless humour were unique. Soon Dave and Goh started trading stories via text message and Facebook chat about missed connections, awkward situations, and chasing dreams on the road.

Goh Nakamura is a San Francisco Bay Area-based musician who writes ditties about parking tickets, impossible crushes, and faraway dreamlands. With one foot in the traditional troubadour world and another in the digital age, he performs at venues—small, large, and virtual—to an enthusiastic and ever-growing fanbase from all over the world.

– Heather Keung