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Shehzeb Iftakhar* | Canada 2013 | 8:00

In a moment of glory, a young Asian hip-hop artist ruminates on the obstacles he’s faced on his way up.

A burgeoning rapper, Shehzeb Iftakhar is also an English major at York University.

The Road Leading to You

Christina Zukerman Schure* | Canada 2013 | 8:00

In this tale of star-crossed lovers, boy meets girl in a fateful moment.

Born in Korea and a newcomer to Canada, Christina Zuckerman Schure attends high school in downtown Toronto.

Off Beat

Nicole Wong* | Canada 2013 | 6:00

A young woman tries to live like Jack Kerouac but finds trouble separating fact from fiction.

Chinese Trinidadian Canadian Nicole Wong studies art history and film at the University of Toronto. She is fascinated by the avant-garde in any and every artistic medium.


Betty Xie* | Canada 2013 | 10:006

Meeting for the first time, two girls uncover the truth behind a case of mistaken infidelity.

A curious student of contemporary Asia and film at the University of Toronto, Betty Xie aspires to become a cinematic storyteller of the Asian diaspora.


Tiffany Kwan* | Canada 2013 | 8:00

Three generations of Chinese Canadian women experience triumphs—only to find challenges waiting at home.

Tiffany Kwan was born and raised in Markham and is currently studying theatre at York University. She has found the journey from theatre into film fascinating.

Open Gym

Simu Liu* | Canada 2013 | 7:00

When a meek man takes a free mixed martial arts class, he must dare to change his ways or else.

Before directing his first film this year, actor Simu Liu was featured in the Unsung Voices 1 film Summer Child, in 2012.