Unsung Voices

| AGO Jackman Hall

Rated PG

Reel Asian proudly presents our inaugural summer Video Production Workshop, which launched this past summer with a merry band of intrepid youth who possessed little to no formal filmmaking experience but had great stories to tell. After putting their hearts and souls into our unique crash course of mentor- ship by industry professionals, hands-on exercises and compressed schedules, they produced an impressive collection of short films that include romance, dark thrills, psychological drama, documentary and experimental nuances. Good old-fashioned bonding through teamwork, leadership development and the skill of proper organization were not only critical to their films’ success, but will likely aid in all of their future endeavours. While some of them may not have previously thought about filmmaking as a career, we certainly welcome these newly minted auteurs into the ranks of our current generation of promising, young artists.


Jaewuk J. Kim* | Canada 2012 | 4:30

A psychological thriller that explores the anatomy of struggle with morality.

Jaewuk J. Kim was born in Seoul and is currently studying English and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He has published poems and short stories and is also a local lyricist/musician. Conscience is his first foray into filmmaking.


Althea Balmes* | Canada 2012 | 8:20

After contemplating returning to her homeland, a struggling woman executes a plan to solve her problems in the streets of Toronto by using suman, the delicious Filipino rice cake.

Althea Balmes is a York University graduate involved in the Filipino community and its social issues. She produces art in the form of stories and comic books.


Thila Vijayan* | Canada 2012 | 8:00

A young man chases love from the girl he desires, but knows that he will never receive it from her in return.

Thila Vijayan is a Computer Engineering student from Malaysia currently studying at Ryerson University. Summer Child is his first film.


Albert Zablan* | Canada 2012 | 12:40

A mother and father adjust to their newly adopted Canadian homeland and deal with challenges common to all immigrants while trying to manage a long-distance relationship with their Filipino children.

Albert Zablan is a first-time filmmaker and a recent graduate of the University of Toronto.


Lisa Qiu* | Canada 2012 | 3:15

Roaming the city streets, a marginalized woman finds herself trying to evade an unknown pursuer, only to be further entrapped by an inescapable reality.

Lisa Qiu is a fourth-year student at University of Toronto studying Political Science and Cinema Studies who never really quite understands what “normal” is. She is always contemplating the aspects of life, and continues to be creative.


Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano* | Canada 2012 | 7:10

Through the lens of love and loss, a reflection on life is set to a dramatic soundtrack. When a girl receives a bicycle from her grandfather, we are taken along on her journey–a ride that she must endure and overcome.

Ferdelle Lauren Capistrano was born and raised in Toronto and graduated from University of Toronto. Driven by aptitude and passion, she has written, directed and starred in two short films and hopes to continue in film and TV.


*Directors in attendance