Retrospective on Randall Okita

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Reel Asian has followed Randall Okita’s work as it has become progressively more ambitious, exhibited and awarded. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Randall Okita has lived and worked in Japan, Vancouver and Toronto. In this spotlight screening, Okita presents a series of short films and discusses the influences and processes involved.


Machine With Wishbone

Randall Okita | Canada 2008 | 7:30

Machine with Wishbone is an entirely live action movie shot without special effects, featuring the work of internationally celebrated artist Arthur Ganson. Using innovative camera choreography, photo sculpture, and kinetic sculpture, Machine with Wishbone tells the tale of a stoic mechanical wishbone on its journey through a world of snoring beds, paper birds, and places you have to see to believe.

The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer

Randall Okita | Canada 2014 | 9:44

This short animation presents the haunting story of two brothers who share the scars, though not the memories, of an untold history that has driven them to existential extremes. Combining high-speed camerawork, striking art direction and intricate animation sequences, Okita crafts a poetic elegy to connectedness and survival.


Fish in Barrel

Randall Okita | Canada 2009 | 8:23

Fish in Barrel depicts a young man facing his demons as his struggle erupts into visions that question what lies below the surface.


Portrait as a Random Act of Violence

Randall Okita | Canada 2013 | 4:23

Portrait as a Random Act of Violence incorporates performance and sculpture to examine themes of harm, protest, and destructive and restorative transformations.

3_No Contract_IMG_4478

No Contract 

Randall Okita | Canada 2011 | 8:20

Combining elements of per- formance, sculptural cinema and documentary, this work explores themes of urgency, isolation and escape, as well
as the notions of torment and renewal, desire and destruction.





* Director Randall Okita in attendance.