The Royal Tailor

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South Korea 2014 Rated 14A 127:00 Korean with English Subtitles Toronto Premiere Marquee Buy Tickets

After 30 years of serving the king, Dol-seok, the royal tailor, only has a few months left until his expected promotion. When a new tailor, Gong-jin, a designer of hanboks (traditional garbs for courtesans), arrives at the palace and finds favor from the queen, Dol-seok is terrifed.

Gong-jin’s avant-garde designs open the eyes of the royal family, and Dol-seok feels both envious and insecure. As the two tailors duel to create masterpieces for two rival queens vying for the king’s favour, the audience is treated to a visual feast of gleaming golden embroidery and flowing gowns that bloom like flowers.

Unburdened by conventional historical elements, The Royal Tailor is a thrilling story of struggles foreign yet familiar, with a refreshing focus in style. -JK

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