Film Review: Asian Gangs

Asian Gangs by Lewis Bennett and Calum MacLeod follows Bennett as he searches for closure years after a schoolyard altercation he had with an older boy that led to his principal telling him that if he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll end up in an Asian gang.

Reminded of this by his mother and confused from the statement, Bennett seeks answers as to what could’ve led his principal to think of him as someone that’s dangerously close to being part of Asian gang activity. The short is lighthearted though it’s never really made clear whether the incident is a true account or simply a fictionalized concept put on video. I’m thinking it is a piece of fiction but would not be surprised if it’s this really happened. It can be amusing to see Bennett seek out his answers and a chuckle can be had in his reenactment of the fight that led to the principal’s initial ridiculous claim but the fake documentary style overshadows any message it tries to send about gang activity, satirical or otherwise.

Asian Gangs follow Asian Gangs play as part of TIFF’s Short Cuts Canada Program #2. Saturday September 8, 6:15pm and Sunday September 9, 9pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox.