Sons of Ram – movie review

Check out what our Marketing volunteer Ramla has to say about Sons of Ram, screening at the Rung Festival on Sunday, June 1st at 10:30am.


If your 7- year olds are fighting, because they are just two very different personalities, its time to show them the movie, Sons of Ram, an animated film of a story from the scared Hindu epic called Mahabharat. Ram, a king who had sent his wife into exile, as the people of his kingdom did not have faith in the loyalty and chastity of his wife Sita, after she was taken as a captive by the demon king Ravan for a year. Sita is then taken in by a hermit priest Valmiki , who also acts as a guru (teacher) to the two twin sons of Sita, Lava and Kush.

Lava and Kush are two brothers with different personalities. Lava, a calm, wise and strategic planner while, Kush is a brave, aggressive and a man of action. Their differences in personality result in conflicts between the two brothers. However, these differences also work in their favor as their differences complete each other. One is incomplete with the other. They are only strong and useful when working together. They are two individual physically but their souls are intertwined within each other and without either one, they will be incomplete.

It is definitely an uplifting story showing how differences within people are there so they can help each other, divide task and be efficient together. The story also presents human sacrifices for the greater good and duty. The duty of King Ram towards his people, to make them happy and; his sacrifice, by of sending Sita her beloved wife into exile.  The movie is shows exempla of an ideal rule, ideal wife and ideal son. A must watch for kids and people of all ages.  Enjoy the movie!