Filmmaker Update: Ann Marie Fleming, Michael Fukushima, Meelad Moaphi

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (directed by Ann Marie Fleming and produced by Michael Fukushima) won the JI Segal – Michael Moskovitz Award for a Film on a Jewish Theme last week! Congrats to them both.  Reel Asian has screened Ann Marie’s films many times over the years including Window Horses (Karaoke Project) in 2010. Michael has produced many animated films which have also premiered at Reel Asian over the years. Most recently, Michael was highlighted as the Canadian Spotlight at Reel Asian 2012. You can find out more about this Spotlight here.

Meelad Moaphi is working on a new project called Every Monday about Mateo, a 12-year-old, who accidentally destroys an important gift of his Mother’s. An operation to escape punishment by restoring the gift changes course due to Mateo’s series of white lies. Meelad is raising funds to complete this project. Find out how you can help here. Reel Asian screened Meelad’s short Film Concerto in Hanging Major in 2010.