Filmmaker Update: Gerry Balasta

Director Gerry Balasta has been busy raising funds and awareness, not just for his film The Mountain Thief which screened at Reel Asian last year, but also to improve the lives of the scavenger actors who worked on the film and their families.  Most recently, he has partnered with a non-profit organization to help send all the scavenger actors’ children to school and there is also a livelihood and housing program in the works.  According to Gerry, he says he feels “it’s his moral obligation to change the actor’s lives.”  This Fall, Gerry will be back in Manila to shoot a new film called I Am The Pacific Storm…and yes, you guessed it, he will be working with the same scavenger actors who made The Mountain Thief an incredible success.  Congrats Gerry – we can’t wait to see your new work!