Filmmaker Update: Philbert Lui, Cuong Ngo

Philbert Lui recently participated in the Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival T24 Project* completing a short film called S2 in (yup, you guessed it) 24 short hours. Watch S2 here. I Don’t Get Out Much, another short by Philbert and filmed in Hong Kong also won the Best Comedy Award at the One Minute Film Festival. Watch the winning version here.  Philbert is a former Reel Asian Industry volunteer, a filmmaker, a member of the Heroic Melon Collective and the co-creator of The Banana Times.

Cuong Ngo has completed his newest project Oriental Pearls! Screening details to follow. Reel Asian screened Cuong’s short The Golden Pin in 2009.

Congrats to both filmmakers!

*An error was published in our enewsletter on June 8th stating that Philbert Lui had won the T24 Challenge Award. We would like to clarify that the award winners have not been determined yet and it was an error on Reel Asian’s part.