Filmmaker Update: Yung Chang, Jeff Chiba Stearns

Yung Chang’s most recent documentary The Fruit Hunters will be presented as a two-party program on CBC’s The Nature of Things on February 21 & 28.  The first episode, The Evolution of Desires, will explore the origins of fruit’s diversity and tell the story of humanity and fruit’s intimate co-evolution. The second episode, Defenders of Diversity, will look at what happens when we abandon the garden of eden for an industrialized monoculture. Reel Asian was proud to present the Toronto premiere of The Fruit Hunters last November and also screened Yung Chang’s Up the Yangtze in 2008. Up the Yangtze is currently available on Netflix!

Congrats to RA filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns for winning Super Channel‘s Feature Documentary Award. Each winning project wil receive mentorship with internationally renowned filmmakers and funding to attend Hot Docs Forum this year. Reel Asian screened Jeff’s One Big Hapa Family in 2010.