Pitch Tips: Jeff Tran is down to learn

So You Think You Can Pitch? finalist and guest blogger Jeff Tran graces us with his thoughts and humour on pitching Traces of Joy as part of the 2010 festival in the Emerging Artist category. What are you waiting for? Apply today! Pitch Deadline: September 21, 2012. Info and application here.

By Jeff Tran

We were completely ecstatic when we found out we were 2010 Pitch Finalists. In the past, some great films have been produced through this competition.

I think one of the fun parts is the fear of bombing, in front of a over a hundred people and film professionals. But you won’t, of course, since you’ve prepared your pitch way in advance! Public speaking is always a challenge, but that’s part of the trade if you want to be a filmmaker. It’s also great to get a reaction from the audience since they are part of the show. We definitely boosted our confidence after the actual Pitch experience.

The most valuable thing I gained was learning how to lose! In all seriousness, the competition was a great learning experience. The judges really know their stuff and asked questions that challenged how well we understood our film and why we were making it. Their thoughts actually helped us when we went back to finish up our film and tightened it up.

The Traces of Joy website is now up and we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes info on our journey of making this animated short film.

While we didn’t end up winning the competition, it really gave us an additional opportunity to get our idea out there and actually make the type of contacts that we may not have made on our own. The Pitch award ceremony celebrations were pretty sweet too. Best of luck to all Finalists for T.R.A.I.F.F.S.Y.T.U.C.P. 2012!

I am Jeffrey Tran and I approve of this message.

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