Asiansploitation’s All Grown Up

Comparing disciplined Asian fathers to C3P0? Awesome. Making it funny but emotionally affecting at the same time? Brilliant. With solid performances, clever and fresh material plus Asian culture parodies that hit home but were not heavy handed, Asiansploitation’s “All Grown Up” was electrifying. I think I nearly died of laughter during the “high expectations Asian father disrupting the performance” skit featuring Darrel Gamotin, Franco Nguyen, Gene Abella and Lana Carillo. But the most arresting thing about all the skits were how easy the audience identified with the material, whether or not it was baby mamas in malicious stroller wars or Chinese stroke spelling bees, everything managed to hit home (sometimes in a twisted way). You can check them out the rest of this weekend (July 21-23) at the George Ignatieff Theatre, tickets are $15, click on Asiansploitation’s website for more info. Click here to take a look at Jon Bunning’s photo gallery of the show from Thursdays show!