Buy less, bake more

There are many things that I’m good at: hemming jeans, making fried rice and obsessing over teen shows. And there are many MORE things that I am not good at: organizing my closet, most team sports and doing crossword puzzles…and at the top of the list of things I am not good at is baking. Whenever I am asked why, my answer usually goes something like “I don’t like to follow strict instructions and always disagree with the amount of sugar required so my baked goods always fail”…however, I also think there is an element of growing up eating Asian foods like sweet pineapple buns, deep fried dough wrapped in rice noodles and pork & chive dumplings – foods that you can acquire relatively inexpensively (3 buns for a dollar! what?), so seemingly inexpensive that it has bred a sense of “why make it when it’s cheaper to buy?” so it’s safe to say I am continuously impressed whenever anyone attempts such Asian recipes.  Last year, Yang, our office volunteer, kept bringing in homemade treats like egg white tarts and coconut pudding cake which inspired me to buy less and bake more.  For more inspiring Asian bakers, check out this tasty BananaTimes blog entry on making the famous egg tart!