ED’s Countdown to the Festival: T-7

I’ll admit it – today felt frantic.  There just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and we had both a full staff meeting to go over our “Minute by Minute” schedule (basically who is where when) and we have a board and staff dinner at Dazzling tonight to kick off the festival. The dinner is always a nice break but also a reminder of how soon the festival is.

It seems like we overbooked ourselves about a hundred times today, as we tried to get delegate bags packed (thanks to our volunteers Sunny, Sean, and Kiyomi who came in in a pinch!), members packages made, a new laptop purchased, reminders for our Richmond Hill Press conference sent out, and tickets picked up from TO Tix.  Meanwhile I worked on drafting a runsheet for our Closing Night Gala and Awards ceremony — we will have the fabulous Kris Reyes from Global’s Morning Show hosting for us and I need to make sure she has all her briefing notes in advance.  We’re also heading up to Richmond Hill first thing tomorrow morning for a press conference so Louanne and I ran over our speaking notes late last night and packed all our materials (RSVP list, staff badges, press kits, banners).

Tomorrow is also the Opening Night for the Regent Park Film Festival, I’m on the Board of Directors so I definitely want to make it out for that, which means that between the press conference in the morning and the Opening Night, I will be squeezed for time for tomorrow afternoon.  Oy.

Who’s in the hot seat: Tina our Guest Services Coordinator has about a million things she’s trying to stay on top of.  We have an international guest whose flight is still unconfirmed, an early morning airport pickup on Thursday that she had to scramble to find a driver for, delegate bags being assembled today, filmmaker itineraries and hotel confirmations to send out, and notices to support staff on how to pick up their badges before the festival.  We have a lot of visiting guests this year which is super exciting but it definitely is keeping Tina on her toes.  Thank goodness she’s finally starting to feel better (all those juices from Fresh)!