ED’s Countdown to the Festival: T-8

We are just over one week to the festival so I think it’s fair to say the pressure is on. I’ll aim to do a blog post each day leading up to Opening Night to give a little view from the Executive Director’s seat in these final prep days.

Heather described this last week as being all about “the little details” and she is so right. By now we have all the major planning in place (dates/times/locations) but it’s the exceptions and small details that we’re still trying to stay on top of… last minute invitations, recruiting volunteers to help host some of our out-of-town filmmakers, collecting signage from all the sponsors, arranging for the phones to be forwarded, etc. etc… the list goes on and on.

Big on my to-do list this week is to send out invitations to VIPs for some of our special events, prepare for our Press Conference in Richmond Hill on Wednesday, and prepare all the membership packages for pick up next week.

The office is feeling pretty crazy with around 8 people in here a day, not to mention piles of posters, postcards, food for delegate bags, t-shirts, and all the other goodies that started arriving last week. It’s hard to walk through without tripping over something.

Who’s in the hot seat: Chris our operations manager has the most on his plate today. He’s reviewing our overall transportation schedule with Bjorn our festival assistant and Tina who’s overseeing all the filmmakers schedules, and this afternoon he’s leading a huge training session at Isabel Bader for the 30+ helping out at Opening Night.