Filmmaker Update: Sonia Hong

Toronto-based filmmaker Sonia Hong is currently working on a new film, WAACK REVOLT, that is part of “SPRUNG”, our new dance/film commission project that will premiere this fall as part of the 17th edition of our festival. The piece features and is choreographed by Fly Lady Di and Em Fatale.

WAACK REVOLT – A Dance Film, is a twisted story of love, defiance and the need to dance. Support Sonia and her team by donating to their Indiegogo campaign!


Flailing arms, fierce poses and sexy moves, might sound familiar but waacking is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Birthed from funk and disco music, waacking was first introduced in the 1970’s. Underground and organic this street-type dance was first made popular by Soul Train. Throughout the decades it has taken influences from other styles and has modernized but still maintains its traditional roots.

Plot Outline

WAACK REVOLT is a cheeky love story that begins during an audition, in the 1940’s Classic Hollywood era. This is where the lovers first meet and commence their love for “waacking”. Outraged by their dance, the public exclaim that they aren’t allowed to “waack” in public, but only behind closed doors.

Throughout the film, the couple escapes to different picturesque time periods, interchanging between being female and male, attempting to “waack” in order to express themselves, much to the public’s dismay.

This is a film about empowerment and, of course, waacking.

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The film will have its world premiere as part of the REEL ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL this fall in Toronto.


Sonia Hong won the Reel Asian “So You Think You Can Pitch” competition back in 2009 in the Emerging Filmmakers category. Her short film, A Dragged Out Affair, premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival. A Dragged Out Affair also earned Hong the “Best Upcoming Toronto Film or Video Maker” award at the 2011 Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.