Filmmaker Updates: Joyce Wong, Luo Li, Chen Chieh-Jen

Joyce Wong’s documentary The Power of Love: Celine Dion Fans in Kenya will be screening at this year’s Hot Docs. Joyce was also one of the co-directors of Suite Suite Chinatown for 2010 Reel Asian, Souvenirs from Asia in 2007 and Banana Bruises in 2006. For Hot Docs screening times, click here. To read Joyce’s interview with Toronto Star, click here.

Luo Li’s Rivers and My Father will be the Opening Night film at Images Festival. Reel Asian has screened Luo Li’s Stills and Birds in 2004 and Ornithology in 2005. For Images screening time or to buy tickets, click here. Watch trailer here.

Chen Chieh-Jen’s three-channel installation, Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises, Inc. will be presented at A Space Gallery as part of Images Festival. Reel Asian presented Chen Chieh-Jen’s short films Factory, The Route and Bade Area in 2007. For dates and times, click here.

Congrats to Joyce, Luo and Chieh-Jen!