Filmmaker Updates: Keith Lock Lecture

Keith Lock Lecture at the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian LibraryI had the pleasure of attending Asian Canadian filmmaker Keith Lock’s lecture as part of the University of Toronto Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library Lecture Series last Wednesday. In 2009, we screened the world premiere of Keith’s feature, THE ACHE. Up until this point, I had heard about Keith from the other staff and read the chapter he penned for the Reel Asian book but have not had the opportunity to watch his work. To say that I was amazed and inspired is an understatement.

Keith spoke about his personal story in becoming a filmmaker, the development of Toronto’s Chinatown in the 1980’s and the challenges of making films during that time (imagine Chinese actors who had to speak English because there was no budget for analog subtitles or actors who dropped out of a film for fear of retribution during the June 4th incident even though Keith’s film had no link to that subject). Keith also screened 7 of his films: Reel Asian One Minute video gift (which was made for our 10th anniversary), Work Bike and Eat, The Road Chosen: The Story of Lem Wong, Eveything Everywhere Again Alive, A Brighter Moon, Tough Bananas, Small Pleasures. My personal favourite was his 1986 film, A Brighter Moon – perhaps it made me wonder whether my parents had similar experiences coming to Canada as visa students. Such a treat to have attended this lecture series!  I look forward to the next one already.