If I had a million dollars

Last night I went to the sneak preview screening of the pilot for MILLIONS, the web-series four years in the making by emerging Asian Canadian filmmaker Andrew Chung and his sister and co-Director Emily Chung. It was a packed house at the NFB with the crew and entire cast in attendance. The central idea behind the series is about a group of friends who are trying to become millionaires before they turn 30

(just like every other 30 year old, right?). From the pilot we are introduced to each character, and though we don’t know who/how the million is made, we are left with a cliff hanger that something bad is about to happen (dun dun dun). According to Andrew, his desire to make this series comes from the lack of Asian-focused sitcoms on TV and wanting to create characters that don’t include your typical Asian stereotypes (see recept uproar over The Chin Chens). Currently he is looking for more funding to shoot the rest of his series (preferably at the same level high production value his pilot is shot) and will be exploring means to show the series either online or through TV broadcast.  If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Andrew directly at info@millionstheseries.com. Congrats to Andrew and the Millions team!