Indie Lounge Talent Lab at the Grand River Film Festival

Check out the Indie Lounge Talent Lab at the Grand River Film Festival. Download the application here.

Indie Lounge Talent Lab is an artistic development programme that takes
place during the Grand River Film Festival and provides
emerging talent from Ontario with an unparalleled education, experience and an
introduction to the global community of filmmaking.

Over an intense 1 day period, accredited participants have the opportunity
to interact with and learn from acclaimed filmmakers. Using the festivals
outstanding relationships with world class filmmaker,Talent Lab fulfills a
tremendous need in the film industry, providing invaluable and incomparable
artistic mentorship and development opportunities to a new generation of

Previous Talent Lab guests have included directors Bruce McDonald, Derek
Vanlint, and Yojiro Takita; screen writers JF Lawton and Tony Burgess;
key note speakers Denis Coyne (The Nightingale Company), Peter Tuovi
(Copyright), Tarek Yassine (Rogers Wireless), Sebastian Chorney (InterActive
Ontario), and Stan Davidson (New Media); acclaimed below-the-line technicians
Keith Murphy (Steadicam), Simon Fon (Combat Choreography), David
Thompson (Editor), Paul Day (Editor), Paul Winestock (Editor), Paul Whitehead
(Editor), Stephen Roque (Sound Editor) Randy Butcher (Stunt), and Blair
Johannes (Stunt); as well as demonstrations on new camera technology
featuring Micro Lens (Vistek) and the Red One (Sim Video).

The Indie Lounge Talent Lab initiative is run by Ken Nakamura, CEO / Producer
The Nakamura Group Advantage and Benjamin Rouse Director / Producer
Resolve Films.