Marketing Committee’s Picks

Our Marketing Committee has been working long and hard to help get ready for the 2014 festival, but they took some time out to watch some films and share their faves. Here’s their film picks of the festival!

Jessie’s Pick
The Midnight After
Thu Nov 6, 7:00pm @ Isabel Bader Theatre
“Emotionally intense, THE MIDNIGHT AFTER (Dir. Fruit Chan, Hong Kong) will challenge your appetite and reflexes: you’ll be laughing one moment and gaping the next. It is an exhilarating experience best not experienced alone, come see it with us on our Opening Night.”

Philbert’s Pick
Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission
Fri Nov 7, 10:45pm @ The Royal
“For those of you who are still mourning the end of the HUNTER X HUNTER anime series last month, this film is the perfect way for you to say goodbye. Returning to a familiar place at the Heavens Arena, protagonists Gon and Killua are forced to ally with Chairman Netero to battle an old foe determined take out all the Hunters of the world.”

Priscilla’s Pick
Beyond Beauty
Sat Nov 8, 1:30pm @ The Royal
“BEYOND BEAUTY is a must-see for any curious eye. Director Chi Po-Lin captures a perspective of Taiwan that is rare and beyond the reach of the ordinary eye. Paired with a majestic and poignant original soundtrack, this is a film worth the trip to the big screen. BEYOND BEAUTY: TAIWAN FROM ABOVE is a real ‘eye-opener’!”

Eva’s Pick
Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll
Sat Nov 8, 4:00pm @ The Royal
A fascinating journey of Cambodia’s modern music history filled with rare archival footage, motion graphic visuals and melodies from names like Sinn Sisamouth. DON’T THINK I’VE FORGOTTEN is essential viewing that captures an exciting time of Cambodia’s music culture, thought to be wiped out through the efforts of the Khmer Rouge Revolution.

Yang’s Pick
The Continent
Sat Nov 8, 6:45pm @ The Royal
“From China’s most famous and controversial writer, blogger, and professional rally racer, Han Han’s directorial debut THE CONTINENT is his latest social commentary regarding the Chinese young adult generation. By capture their state of mind of feeling lost and confused about life and future, this film provides a window to study a different angle of contemporary China.”

Stephanie’s Pick
Mourning Grave
Sat Nov 8, 9:15pm @ The Royal
“South Korean film MOURNING GRAVE is interesting blend of horror and humor, while incorporating the classic romance and melodrama aspects frequently seen in Korean cinema. Leading actors Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun have an undeniable charming chemistry in the film portrayed during their funny awkward exchanges and sweet moments.”

Amanda’s Pick
Sun Nov 9, 12:00pm @ The Royal
“9-MAN, a film directed and produced by Ursula Liang, documents the street-volleyball sport popular in Chinatowns across North-America. 9-MAN challenges the stereotypes associated with Asian-American athletes and the Chinese community.”

Warren’s Pick
Fuku-chan From Fukufuku Flats
Wed Nov 12, 7:00pm @ Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
“FUKU-CHAN OF FUKUFUKU FLATS uses familiar Japanese comedy tropes to tell a story of love, friendship and learning to find the inner beauty inside yourself and everyone else around you. A much watch for any fan of Japanese cinema, FUKU-CHAN OF FUKUFUKU FLATS will leave you with a smile on your face and a new way to think about the people you encounter everyday.”

Kelsey’s Pick
Brahmin Bulls
Sun Nov 16, 7:30pm @ SilverCity Richmond Hill
“In the film BRAHMIN BULLS, Sid Sharma is an architect who’s life is simply upside down – divorce with his wife, demotion at work, fall out with his friend and love interest, and on top of that, his father Ashok decides to visit and stay with him for a week. But as Sid finds out – his father had a hidden agenda.”