Meet Reel Asian’s newest member!

Hey guys!! My name is Michael. I am 2nd year Special Events Planning student at George Brown College and I’ll be working with Reel Asian as their special events intern for the next 7 weeks”.

What could I expect working with Reel Asian? I don’t know what to expect, which is why I chose this place to build and grow. Putting together events is something that it long and unexpected, but amazing to experience when it all happens. I’ve been studying how to plan for 3 semesters now, but putting these classes into action is what makes this experience exciting.

I’ve never really been a fan of corporate conferences or weddings. Keeping everything real and focused on the organization’s mission and vision is what motivates me. And with a mission and vision that opens doors for others in this unique kind of way is what makes it even more worth while.

Planning events and seeing it pull together rather than executing is what I look forward to. But what I’m more excited for is seeing all of you there.