Reel Asian picks at 2014 TIFF Kids International Film Festival

TIFF Kids International Film Festival is coming back! In addition to featuring more than 112 kids-friendly films from all over the world, TIFF offers Q&As with filmmakers, young filmmaker showcases, and an award-winning interactive exhibition.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
―Margaret Mead

Teach your kids how to think and imagine and play, in the wonderful world of cinema! Oh, and don’t forget our picks at the fest!

Date: April 8 – 21 | Film Programme | Buy Tickets

  • CHIKARA – THE SUMO WRESTLER’S SON Dir. Simon Lereng Wilmont: Ten-year-old Chikara wants nothing more than to be a successful sumo wrestler like his famous father, but his father doesn’t have a lot of time to train with him. As an important match approaches, Chikara begins to fall victim to self-doubt and frustration. Can he retain his focus and make his dad proud?
  • I SWAN Dir. Kong Sheng: A young girl defies Chinese law and black-market traffickers to nurse a wounded swan back to health.
  • PUSH & PULL Dir. Dorothy Pranolo: Lisa feels constantly pressured by her mother to be a perfect violinist. When a much-anticipated audition brings the tension between the two to a head, Lisa is forced to decide whose dreams she is going to follow: her mother’s, or her own?
  • RAVI & JANE Dir. Stuart O’Rourke: Recently arrived in Australia as a newcomer from Sri Lanka, ten-year-old Ravi is shy on his first day at school, but is soon befriended by his classmate Jane. The two become inseparable friends, but can their bond persist in the face of events beyond their control?
  • TO THE BONE Dir. Erin Li: Working alongside her father and brother as a migrant farmworker, Valencia becomes more and more angered by her family’s exploitative treatment at the hands of their employer — so when a government inspector visits the farm, she decides to take matters into her own hands.