Reel Asian’s 2014 TIFF picks – Discovery


The city is already in a buzz for the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14). We’re only a couple weeks away, but with all the latest film and guests announcements, it’s hard to not get swept up by the excitement. We’ve combed through the entire film programmes and selected our Asian picks. The Discovery programme showcases films from upcoming directors around the globe.


The Crow’s Egg | India | Dir: M. Manikandan

In a Chennai slum, two young brothers set out to realize their dream: to get their first taste of pizza.

Dukhtar | Pakistan/USA/Norway | Dir: Afia Nathaniel

Fleeing with her ten-year-old daughter after the girl is promised in marriage as part of a peace treaty, the wife of a tribal chieftain is pursued through the mountains by both her husband and the intended groom’s henchmen.

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere | Vietnam | Dir: Diep Hoang Nguyen

When they discover that they are pregnant, a young couple in Hanoi resort to desperate (and bizarre) measures to raise money for an abortion.

In Her Place | Canada/South Korea | Dir: Albert Shin

A wealthy couple seeks to secretly adopt the unborn child of an impoverished and troubled rural teenager, in this compelling drama from writer-director Albert Shin.

La Salada | Argentina | Dir: Juan Martin Hsu

Buenos Aires’ enormous, informal street market La Salada is the vibrant setting for this thoughtful and affecting study of the immigrant experience in Argentina.

Sway | USA/France/Thailand | Dir: Rooth Tang

Three parallel love stories set in three different cities are set against some of the major international events of the last five years, in this ambitious, globe-spanning feature debut from director Rooth Tang.

Unlucky Plaza | Singapore | Dir: Ken Kwek

The lives of an arrogant young motivational speaker in debt to the Chinese mafia, his lookin’-to-get-out wife, and a single father in dire straits fatefully intertwine in this nail-biting thriller from Singapore that is based, almost unbelievably, on a true story.