Last post before the festival!  It’s a bit like Christmas Eve – the anticipation is too much to bear.

Opening, Closing, and TOILET are sold out – wow.  Tomorrow’s going to be wild.

The office is cleared out of much of the stuff that has to go to the Bloor and Innis, and the tickets have been sorted by an army of diligent volunteers and interns (thank you Yang, Kyung-Do, Jaime, Feng Jiao, and Christen!)…

I was a basket of nerves this afternoon, but am feeling surprisingly calm now…. last year I was so nervous about my opening night speech.  This year I’m worried more about all the guest filmmakers and VIPs at the pre-screening reception and making sure they’re all greeted and taken care of and get over to the Red Carpet in good time.

Worried but excited too – we’ll have Dean and Nobu together doing Red Carpet interviews and that is going to be one hilarious pair!  You can catch their mini-interviews on our video viewer starting tomorrow night.

Time to sign off – see you at the Bloor!