I was hoping to take a day off today to get some downtime before the festival, but I realize that that was probably an optimistic expectation!  I did manage to do my work from home in my flannels which feels quite lovely actually!

Wrote the jury thank you cards, finalized my speech texts for Opening, Closing, Centrepiece, Industry Series reception, talked to Joyce and Gina about adding volunteer profiles to the pre-screening slideshow, recruited some extra volunteers for Opening Night, finalized the National Bank Premium Seat details, briefed my friend and festival driver Pam on her schedule, and went to No Frills to pick up snacks for both our guest services lounge and the volunteers.

Most importantly – I planned out my wardrobe for the week.  Call me crazy, but waking up in the morning on a festival day and trying to decide what to wear seems like the most daunting prospect.  Thank goodness the weather forecast is calling for sunshine and 12 degrees all week – that is perfect film festival weather!  Thank you to the weather gods!!!!

Tomorrow – finalize the screening sheets, red carpet reception logistics, slideshows, and Globe Recognition packages.   Butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.