Youth Summer Workshop update: News from the finish line

Jason Kim has just finished his first short film at our inaugural Youth Summer Video Production Workshop. He shares insight as our special guest blogger and resident Gangnam Style master. His psychological thriller Turn to Whistle will premiere at this year’s festival.


We wake up in the morning feeling like Yoon In-Ho, Wong Kar Wai, or what have you (definitely not P. Diddy!), prepared to embrace yet another electrifying day filming as a team. It only takes the word “action” out of the appointed director’s shy, but determined mouth to perk up the creative atmosphere. It has been nearly two months since the inception of this summer workshop, and with everything drawing to a close the long hours spent on set seems to have grown wings!

It definitely had its ups and downs, but no one was left to film their shoots alone (thank God!). We learned to work as a team, giving positive and constructive feedback to one another to improve what was put on the table. There have been times where we had to draw our water bottles to fight the blazing sun, but frustration after a comma has created a joking atmosphere where we learned to find humour after a long day at work.

Albert Zablan’s film, New Home, has adapted the style of Chantal Akerman (News from Home, 1977) with a twist of the Filipino culture that keeps the story personal and sound. We chased after visuals that hit home to the Filipino community, and I personally had the joy of wielding the camera for the first time.

This pinch of excitement has opened my eyes to the macrocosm, the reality of film production. The frustration of “let’s go one more time” to the bonding after a long day on set, has greatened my appreciation for movie-making threefold. After all, no pain no gain, right? A dollop of sweat, cooperation, and fun have created the films that you are all about the witness in November, and I wish for nothing more than for the films to move you, the way they moved ours.