ED’s Countdown to the Festival: T-4

On the Friday before the festival, we have a now-annual tradition of holding an “All-Hands” meeting, where all the staff and lead volunteers get together to kick off the festival week.  Mostly this is a great opportunity to see each other’s faces, and every year this meeting gets bigger and bigger – about 35 people (5 family size pizzas-worth) were there this year including our huge and awesome Special Events team, Volunteer Captains, and amazing Front of House staff. Vicci our International Programmer arrived from Hong Kong yesterday so we headed out to Kenzo Ramen with her for a post-meeting refuelling before what is sure to be a busy weekend of last-minute prep.

Still on my to-do list are writing my Opening and Closing speeches, putting together some last-minute membership packages, putting together the Awards night slideshow, sending out some VIP invites for our Richmond Hill opening screening of Overheard 2, and last but certainly not least, planning my wardrobe for the week (vain but true).

Who’s In the Hot Seat: Louanne (Director of Marketing)
With all of our social media marketing tactics this year, Louanne’s job isn’t done even after the festival begins.  And while the Toronto festival kicks off, the Richmond Hill weekend still needs a final push, right down to approaching dance schools in the area to promote our Vietnamese hip-hop dance film Saigon Electric.  Along with Chris, Louanne has been pulling the longest nights last week and still has a lot more ahead.