ED’s Countdown to the Festival: T-6

Total whirlwind day today, started with a decently fast drive up to Richmond Hill with Louanne, Christen, Virginia and Meaghan for a press conference to announce our inaugural weekend at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  National Bank was our gracious host, their new branch on Hwy 7 turned out to be perfect for a press event this size, and they even got those mini-custard-fruit-tarts for the refreshments table!

It was a fairly late decision of ours to include A Drummer’s Passion in the Richmond Hill lineup but I’m so glad we did, because having director Mingu Kim and Mr. Kwon there will really make this a special screening.  They gave quite a few interviews this morning which we’re hoping to see shortly on OMNI, Fairchild TV, and Arirang TV.  If only we had time to linger in Richmond Hill, I would have insisted on a pit stop at Regal Palace for dimsum.   Will have to wait until “after the festival.”

Dashed back to the office to find Chris in crisis over some ticket mis-allocations, so I tried to ignore him cursing beside me (I knew it was just a matter of time before he figured it out), and absolutely avoided asking him about some of the ticket requests that flooded my inbox in the morning while I was at the Press Conference.  Might have put him over the edge!

Did a live phone interview with Victor Bains on CKLN and got to push one of my top picks this year BLEAK NIGHT – dark Korean highschool drama – meanwhile hoping that my voice doesn’t sound too nasal over radio.

Then ran out at 6:30pm to catch the Opening Night of the Regent Park Film Festival, which began with a great lineup of youth films, including an adorable animation by Iain Kew Lee (my vote for Rogers People’s Choice Award).  Nicola is the volunteer coordinator at RPFF but she’ll also be helping us out next week as Tina’s Guest Services Coordinator, and her volunteers looked sharp in their new yellow t-shirts.

Who’s in the hot seat: Still Chris, I’m afraid.  Managing the adjustments to ticket blocks while still overseeing all the updates to the logistics and transportation plan is going to keep him frenzied through the weekend.   Luckily it is easy to keep him motivated by such simple things as the purchase of new storage bins.  I think it’s an Operations Manager thing…