FREE ADMISSION?! ReelWorld Asian Heritage Month Film Festival

ReelWorld Film Festival is partnering once again with the Asian Heritage Month Festival 2014 to present its sixth annual film festival at Innis Town Hall VIP Screening Room (University of Toronto) on Sunday, May 17, 2014.

In addition to a panel discussing females in film, the festival will screen a feature-length NFB documentary titled Hue: A Matter of Colour and several shorts including Requiem for Romance (Dir. Jonathan Ng) which screened at Reel Asian in 2012! The featured shorts films program will be announced closer to the date.

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Saturday May 17, 2014

  • Second Jen (Directed by Joseph O’Brien and Samantha Wan)
    Synopsis: Against the will of her Chinese family, Jen is moving out with her best friend Mo to a shabby apartment in the city. This absurd comedy about second-generation kids deals with the trials of friendship, identity, and “Asian Mother Guilt”.
  • Requiem For Romance (Directed by Jonathan Ng)
    Synopsis: A modern-day couple’s secret love affair comes to a bittersweet end during an evening phone call. Cell phone static creates distance between them as they anguish over details of their relationship. But the visuals of the film reveal something entirely different.
  • My Heritage (Directed by Philip Leung and Alex Narvaez)
    Synopsis: My Heritage is a mockumentary short film about Dai Fok, a white man who was adopted and raised by his immigrant Asian father. Dai Fok grows up resenting his overly strict dad, so he decides to cease all ties with his father, abandoning the man who loves him the most.
  • We Each Have Our Armies – (Director Bobby Del Rio)
    Synopsis: A white man and his South Asian girlfriend have their relationship torn apart by their families.
  • Little Mao – (Directed by Allan Tong)
    Synopsis: A political parable about how power corrupts. Parts comedy, drama and fantasy, Little Mao tells the life of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy and the game of baseball.

Location: Innis College VIP Screening Room, Room 222, University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue

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