Pitch deadline extended to Sept 26

*** So You Think You Can Pitch? application deadline extended to next Wed, Sept 26 ***

Want Reel Asian to help you make your great short film? Stephanie Law sure did, so she pitched her way to snag the 2011 prize in the Emerging Filmmaker category. Download the info package and application form here. She shares Pitch tips below.

By Stephanie Law

Pitching in front of a live audience was… terrifying. Death-defying?  Amaze-i-fying!  Now that I’ve totally hyped it up, and apparently taken to making up words, it was an incredible experience.  I had the pleasure of pitching alongside three other equally talented, emerging filmmakers last November 2011– Tricia Collins, Elaine Poon, and Chantria Tram — and there was nothing more gratifying than having a chance to hear their passion and stories.

What really helped initially was the pitch clinic with John Galway, President of Astral’s Harold Greenberg Fund.  He gave us great advice on the ABCs of how to pitch, which was key to building our confidence before the big Live Finale. Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta also said something I’ll never forget: simply “speak the story.”  In other words, find the heart of your story and tell it honestly.

The scariest part of the live pitch was doing just that.  Standing on stage with nothing — no slides, no music, no performance — only the story that’s haunted me since 9/11… and a dark sense of humour.  Nowhere to hide.  Just the words and one chance to make the audience feel something.  That’s every storyteller’s goal.  And I feel like we all accomplished it that day.

Little Miss Jihad recently completed post-production and we really couldn’t have made this film without the support of Reel Asian and its amazing staff.  Thanks RA!!!

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