Reel Asian’s 2014 TIFF picks – City to City


The city is already abuzz for the Toronto International Film Festival (Sept 4-14). It’s only a few weeks away and with all the latest film and guests announcements, it’s hard to not get swept up by the excitement. We’ve combed through the entire film programmes and selected our Asian picks. Highlights include the City to City programme featuring Seoul, South Korea – the first East Asian city  to be featured at TIFF!

CITY TO CITY (featuring Seoul, South Korea)

Alive | South Korea | Dir: Park Jung-bum

A simple labourer in a remote mountain village is driven to desperate measures to provide for the women in his life, in this wrenching yet beautiful drama from South Korean director Park Jung-bum.

Cart | South Korea |  Dir: Boo Ji-Young

The employees of a big-box discount retail store band together when contract workers are summarily laid off.

Confession | South Korea | Dir: Lee Do-yun

When a faked robbery ends in a real death, three long-time friends have their fierce loyalty to one another put to the test, in this noir-ish action thriller from South Korean director Lee Do-yun.

Gyeongju | South Korea | Dir:  Zhang Lu

In this charmingly off-kilter romantic comedy, a Beijing university professor visits the ancient Korean capital of Gyeongju on a nostalgic quest to revisit a “dirty” café painting he first saw years before — and finds an unexpected connection with the beautiful present owner of the establishment.

A Hard Day | South Korea | Dir: Kim Seong-hun

A luckless police detective becomes the target of blackmail after trying to cover up a hit-and-run, in this wild South Korean neo-noir thriller.