Trinity Square Video Winter 2012 Workshops

The list of TRINITY SQUARE VIDEO WINTER 2012 WORKSHOPS are out. Tune your skills to be a pro in the industry. See below for workshop details and dates. Customized workshops available.

January7/8 / FinalCutPro7:Intro / w/ Pamela Matthews /10am-5pm/ $210/$175 Member*
January14 / DVDStudioPro / w/ Andrew Cromey /10am-5pm/ $120/$95 Member*
January15 / Motion+LiveType / w/ Ben Allan /10am-5pm/ $120/$90 Member*
January18/25 / Blog+Web Building Techniques / w/ Darren Alexander /6pm-9pm/ $115/$85 Member*
January21 / Intro to Digital Cameras / w/ Jason Ebanks /10am-5pm/ $130/$100 Member
January22 / Grant Writing / w/ Tina Hahn /10am-5pm/ $120/$90 Member
January24/31 / How to Approach Making Your 1st Doc /w/ Andrew Cromey /6pm-9pm/$120/$90 Member
January28/29 / AdvancedFinalCutPro7/ w/ Emad Dabiri /10am-5pm/ $210/$175 Member*

February4-5 / FinalCutPro7:Intro / w/ Pamela Matthews /10am-5pm/ $210/$175 Member*
February8/15 / Sounds Simple / w/ Michelle Irving /6pm-9pm/ $130/$100 Member*
February11 / AfterEffects / w/ Dean Vargas /6pm-9pm/ $120/$90 Member*
February12 / Scriptwriting / w/ Richard Sibblies 10am-5pm/ $130/$100 Member*
February18 / PanasonicHVX-200 / w/ Andrew Cromey /10am-5pm/ $130/$100 Member
February19 / VideoCompositing / w/ Dean Vargas /10am-5pm/ $120/$95 Member*
February25 / PhotoshopCS5 / w/ Milan Cobanov /10am-5pm/ $120/$90 Member*
February26 / Lighting+Sound / w/ Mary Daniel /10am-5pm/ $230/$190 Member

March3-4 / FinalCutPro7:Intro / w/ Pamela Matthews /10am-5pm/ $210/$175 Member*
March6/13 / Directing / w/ Pamela Matthews /6pm-9pm/ $100/$85 Member
March10 / MC Audio/VisualOverdose / w/ Jubal Brown+Emad Dabiri /10am-5pm/ $90/$60 Member*
March11 / The Art of Low-Budget Lighting / w/ Mary Daniel /10am-5pm/ $120/$95 Member
March12-16 / Video Youth Bootcamp/ w/ Joel Gordon+Andrew Cromey/ $349/ Member $299/ 10am–4pm /
March17 / Editing Aesthetics / w/ Andrew Cromey /10am-5pm/ $120/$95 Member
March18 / SonyEX3 / w/ Emad Dabiri /10am-5pm/ $120/$90 Member
March24-25 / Video101 / w/ Mary Daniel /10am-5pm/ $230/$190 Member*
March31/April1 / AdvancedFinalCutPro7/ w/ Emad Dabiri /10am-5pm/ $210/$175 Member*

* Participants receive 4 hours in editing suites as practice post-workshop.


ADVANCED FINAL CUT PRO7* – Upgrade your knowledge of FinalCutPro7® such as advanced System Setup; SD &HD Formats; Fine-Cutting Tools; Finishing &Output; Media Management, P2 Workflow &Archiving Media. Prior FCP experience recommended.

AFTER EFFECTS – Create motion graphics, special effects, title sequences &animation with AfterEffects. Learn the interface &composite editing, masking, key-frame animation &basic filter effects. Basic MACOS knowledge recommended.

BLOG+WEB BUILDING TECHNIQUES – Learn the basics techniques &aesthetics to produce short video features for websites &blogs.

DIRECTING – Learn techniques that can make directing go smoother. Learn how to work under stress, with time limitations &with actors from a script. Find out what’s involved in blocking &setting up a scene.

DVDSTUDIOPRO – Creative DVDauthoring made easy! Learn how to create a customized &professional presentation of your video. Create slideshows, subtitles &interactive menus. Preview it all real-time in DVDStudioPro.

EDITING AESTHETICS – Editing Aesthetics examines the history, philosophy &techniques behind the psychology of editing. Learn the grammar of editing &basic structure building. Screen a range of examples &learn to implement the techniques using FCP.

FINAL CUT PRO 7: INTRO – Learn to edit with FinalCutPro7® interface &the creative possibilities. Learn how to capture media from a camera; assemble clips on a timeline; add RealTime effects; master to tape; &export to QuickTime. Basic MACOS knowledge recommended

GRANTWRITING – Find out what it takes to write a grant. Learn to make your grant stand out from the pile &get the funding? What alternative sources of funding are available? Bring your grant idea for a professional critique.

HOW TO APPROACH MAKING YOUR 1ST DOC – Learn how to communicate your POV effectively? How to secure archival footage &research your subject? Legal issues, the role of consent &copyright are addressed. Investigate a variety of styles &formats.

INTRO TO DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERAS – Learn the differences between analog &digital imaging; the types, features &functions of a DVcamera; different types of shooting styles. Hands-on access to different DVcameras &participants are encouraged to bring in their own camera.

LIGHTING+SOUND – Explore basic lighting &audio concepts, with tips &tricks for creative &inexpensive production.

MC AUDIO/VISUAL OVERDOSE – Experience a Master Class with Jubal Brown, infamous videomaker &writerANDvideo &performance artist Emad Dabiri as they expound on the ins &outs of producing, programming &promoting cutting edge audio/visual culture.

MOTION+LIVETYPE – Get an overview of Motion by using &modifying templates, advanced title animation, outputting for FCP&DVDStudioPro. Soundtrack topics focus on practical techniques from editing audio to multitrack arrangements, common audio problems &solutions. Livetype also reviewed.

PANASONICAG-HVX200 – Learn about the PanasonicAG-HVX200: its physical &digital camera controls, special features, P2 tapeless workflow, from production to post using FCP. Basic video/film camera knowledge required.

PHOTOSHOP – PhotoshopCS5 offers productivity & workflow enhancements, powerful new editing tools &breakthrough compositing capabilities. Learn how to work with the interface, toolbox, palettes & menus. Practice working with layers, masks &compositing techniques. Focus on methods of exporting your images for print, video &web.

SCRIPTWRITING – Be introduced to the art of scriptwriting. Learn the structure, rules &customs of scriptwriting in addition to many do’s &don’ts.

SONYEX3 – Gain knowledge of the creative &technical options presented by SonyEX3 high definition camera.

SOUNDS SIMPLE – Learn about digital audio from recording to the final mix! Get practical information and examples in real-world knowledge and insight into digital audio for video, installations &beyond.

THE ART OF LOW-BUDGET LIGHTING – Learn to make the most of your limited budget. Learn to look at, analyze &manipulate light, then figure out how to create a particular look using materials at hand.

VIDEO101 – How to make a video encapsulated in a two-day workshop. First day focuses on production with DVcamera shooting, lighting, sound &directing techniques. Spend the second day editing with FCP.

VIDEOCOMPOSITING – Learn the scope of working with video compositing from start to finish. Shoot &light a small green-screen setup using DV, then composite the video using FCP7 &AfterEffectsCS5.

VIDEO YOUTH BOOTCAMP – *Camera ** Lights ** Action! Get hands on experience with the camera, lighting, sound, editing &AfterEffects with Award-Winning Director/Education/Producer Joel Gordon &Educator/Artist Andrew Cromey. For 13-19 years old. All equipment, supplies &materials will be provided.

Register contact or 416-593-1332.