Casting Call: 4 roles needed for short film

Eva Ho (Reel Asian’s 2011 Festival Assistant) is casting for 4 roles for short film Exeunt.   Shooting will take place March 2-4, 2012.  Respond by February 28 if interested.  Details below:

Production: Exeunt (short film)Location: Toronto
Employer: Ryerson University
Duration: 3 days (March 2-4)
Director: Stash Capar

Synopsis: In the future, euthanasia clinics are deregulated and privatized. It is a multi-million dollar industry, servicing both the low and high ends. In one particular clinic, customers can choose their exact method of exeunt – often with darkly comical results. But what happens when a customer is unsure of his method, or even if he should be there in the first place? At one point does assisted suicide become profit-driven murder?

4 breakdowns:

  1. GRAHAM: Male / 40-60 / White (Anglo-Saxon). LEAD MALE ROLE. Clear signs of stress and fatigue. An educated accent. Comfortable with some physical acting. A former big-time CEO is wanted for his actions have caused his company to collapse and thousands have lost their livelihoods. In our story, he is seeking refuge in the euthanasia clinic. He doesn’t know if he wants to commit suicide, but he sure as hell can’t return to the real world.
  2. WOMAN: Female / early-late 30s / Any Ethnicity. LEAD FEMALE ROLE. Slim, somewhat attractive. Poker face; a pure rationalist. Comfortable with some physical acting. She is the youngest of three partners at the euthanasia clinic, the other two being male.  She fought her way through high-school and college and is a shrewd businesswoman, who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, as long as there’s a market for whatever it is she’s doing.
  3. JAPANESE BUSINESSMAN: Male / late 30s-40s. BACKGROUND ACTOR. Stressed and tired. Needed for an important opening long shot sequence.
  4. ELDERLY MAN: Male / 60s / Caucasian. BACKGROUND ACTOR. Need an elderly man to play the “husband” of an old couple. Should be tired and sickly looking

If interested, apply to Eva Ho Deadline: February 28, 2012.