Spotted: L+G at the TYSFF launch

Philbert Lui (T24 Director and former Reel Asian volunteer) on camera!

On Tuesday night, Gina and I volunteered for our friend Henry’s Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival‘s press launch and T24/High School screening. Henry also happens to be Reel Asian’s former Special Events Committee Chair and Industry Series Assistant. When we arrived, Henry entrusted me with a video camera and instructed me to conduct short video interviews with the filmmakers and other guests. This was a great opportunity for me to hear what the creators had to say about their work, what the festival meant to them, and how they managed to stay up for the 24hr challenge (ALOT of caffeine).


Catnimation (Directed by Francisco Park)

Later in the evening, we had the chance to watch the films created through the new High School Program (all based on the theme of “Hidden Gems of Toronto”) and also the films created in the T24 project (all based on the idea “love and its relationship with space”). It was also exciting to see the line up for this year’s festival – submission highlights for me include Catnimation (Directed by Francisco Park), Sarah (Directed by Ciiku Thuo), My Brother’s Keeper (Directed by Ally Rheaume),  and Speechless (Directed by Tanya Hoshi). Mark your calendars – Toronto Youth Shorts takes place June 19 @ Innis Town Hall! Tickets on sale now.